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Building creative products, activating ideas and growing companies

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With a website containing the right context, customers will find you in an easy way. It is important for businesses to have an active presence on the web and be able to convey information and offer services. We offers development of presentation websites, web applications, e-commerce solutions, CMS. We use the latest programming languages and frameworks when developing.



Biashara develop and create modern apps for companies for internal use and commercial use. With the latest frameworks in app development, we make sure to refine your idea into a finished app for Android and iOS. Based on your needs and requirements, we analyze and suggest a possible solution for development.


With cloud solution we ensure that your business services will be available 24/7. No need for corporations to buy expensive IT equipment when using cloud solution. We offers development, deploy and maintenance of cloud solutions with different cloud providers such as Google App. Engine, Amazon Cloud Service and Microsoft Azure and more.



A good and stable system solution is very essential for the company. It is important that the system solution grows and adapts to the needs of the company over time. We offers development and maintenance of solutions for your business as well as management of desktop/server solutions and other applications such as CMS or ERP systems. .Net, Java and other programing languages are used to develop. Read more...


It has become important for companies to have efficient testing, verification and validation, were increased quality versus reduced lead time is preferable. With the right test strategy and test expertise, we ensure that the product will meet the set requirements. Test automation is essential part of any product development, keeping the functionality and the quality is maintained while upgrading and adding new features. Having an external partner for testing the product has the advantage that testing will be done with new perspectives resulting in a high quality product for the final customer. We love all kind of testing, from unit testing to system testing and manual testing.


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