Websites promote your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No employee can do that.​

  • Easy to use.
  • Device responsive.
  • Optimised for search.

Having a website these days is a hygiene factor and expected of any serious business. Having a good web presence, however, is more than just being found on search engines. Once a potential customer has reached your website, your website must drive lead generation and keep customers returning. This means that a good web presence is also about the user experience, the functionality available (what you can actually do on the website), the speed of page downloads, the content and the design. This is true for internal or for external customers.

We offer development and design of websites, web applications and e-commerce solutions that meet both your internal and external needs. We can either tailor-make your solution, or adapt out- of-the-box functionality to suit your organisation. In addition, we provide training and thorough hand-overs to make your organizational uptake as smooth and painless as possible.


We have know-how in the following web technologies:
HTML5, CSS3, Java, .NET, PHP

Widely used Javascript frameworks:
Angular, React, jQuery, Node.js

We are able to develop websites on the following platforms: WordPress, CMS MS, Drupal, Magento as well as tailored websites


Our pricing model is divided into 3 layers:

  1. Simple presentation website: from 10 000 SEK
  2. Advanced website with more functionality and features: from 20 000 SEK
  3. E-commerce website: from 30 000 SEK
Once your website is live, it needs to be kept up to date. We therefore also provide maintenance and updates for a monthly fee of 500 SEK/month.


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